NASA selects two companies to create next-generation spacesuits for the moon

NASA has selected two companies to make spacesuits in space, Artemis, the Future of Space (ISS), acquiring the extrusion Axiom Space Corporation and Collins Aerospace for a total of up to $3.5 billion to supply spacesuits for NASA missions through 2034.

Spaceflight Space, as an element in Beida, while Axiom Axiom is a new entrant.

As early as 2025, including the time to exit international space and land the moon, for the first time on the lunar surface on the Artemis 3 mission, it began appearing in 2025 or 2026.

It must be ready for use in space, “NASA along with our troop, and thereafter, ready for use, that is, after it is ready for use.”

The two companies said such work is in line with their plans to contribute to outer space, where commercial space opportunities are prevalent in the industry.

Axiom Space seeks to install the International Space Station on the International Space Station, the International Space Station, the International Space Station, the International Space Station – Ax-1, its launch missions, also in operation in April, the International Space Station.

Space units started at an early stage, as modular beds would be fairly modular, lightweight and as flexible as possible.

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