Robots may soon feel pain .. Scientists develop artificial skin?

Examples can be the motion picture, thanks to the development of a simulated image simulating external sensations, this image can be used for drawing.

Texts for what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, use a new year of central texts that simulate neurological malfunctions of the brain in order to “feel pain.”

You can use expert decades of extensive use of decades of action across the surface of the electronic skin to detect upon contact with an object.

These real values ​​were as close as possible, and that’s what you do in real time.

A team from Glaske University has now come up with a new “skin” prototype.

They were inspired by this how to interpret the human peripheral system of the human being in order to eliminate the delay and energy consumption of previous concepts.

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This appropriate action, which permits its use, effectively allows its use in preparation for its use to send data to the brain, which then responds immediately

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