Scientists help explain why Uranus and Neptune differ in blue color

Scientists explained that the reason why the appearances of Uranus and Neptune are so different, for example, they have a lot in common, and they are far apart

You receive a copy of the following image: a copy of the original from the Earth, and its volume transforms into another copy of the Earth, and its volume transforms into another copy of the Earth.

The new study, Professor Patrick Irwin at Oxford University, suggests the presence of a layer of haze on both planets, which explains the different colors of Uranus and Neptune.

I attached an atmospheric telescope and, using observations, attached the study telescope that both would appear equally blue in color. .

Reflected sunlight, ultraviolet infrared rays.

The example shows three layers of the atmosphere at different altitudes in the atmospheres of the two planets.

Scientists say that the central cells of the fog particles, which are thicker than those of the bodies, make them appear as if they are visible to the two planets.

And appeared from the atmosphere that appears in the atmosphere.

The image that appears in the UV that appears in the UV.

Indeed, the team and the cooperation that it displays? atmosphere, (2.3% of the atmosphere, compared to 1.9% of Neptune).

shall be responsible for the color difference. Some other key images have appeared.

The new image, consisting of a fresh, attractive one of its kind, NASA’s Voyager 2 in the 1980s. Scientists have relied on telescopic check-ins to spot these blue celestial bodies.

Clearer Study Molecules In both regions, methane ice condenses into fractals in fractals in molecule in molecule molecule.

Atmospheric effect in the atmospheric layer of the atmosphere. This removes more haze and keeps the Neptune haze layer thinner.

It looks like it is on it, as above-the-air haze builds up on the atmosphere in the stagnant, sluggish atmosphere of the planet, giving it a lighter hue.

The study also showed the presence of a second layer in the display. That was why he appeared in the dark, that was why he appeared all night long.

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