Twitter is moving away from voice spaces, newsletters, and communities

Distribution companies endure public comment problems from the future owner of the social network, leadership change, leadership change and hiring freeze, some employees being transferred to new jobs as the company moves away from its more risky projects.

And according to the Arab Gateway for Technology News, the company plans in favor of focusing on the most pressing needs.

Extended aerial ambitions include acoustic spaces, social and group flyers. While the incoming items are considered in the number of its subsidiaries, ie, as they are transferred to the company’s product group.

Jay Sullivan, who took over product leadership earlier this month, is leading the restructuring. Employees, workers, without planning any of them, for the company.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “We’re making some updates to our non-product structure and roadmap. We want to focus better on the areas that have the most impact in the public conversation.

Teams within Twitter continue to work on the edit button feature. The goal is for a later release later this year, allowing its time to be freed up within a specified time period. The Tweet’s previous marketplace is also available to view.

And it could be months before it comes under the control of its future owner, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The world’s richest man agreed to take over the company for $54.20 a share in late April. The deal estimated the company’s price at $44 billion. But the deal is not closed yet.

waiting period.

And Musk complicated the feeling. Internally likable group emails in Slack through Twitter’s policies about speech and harassment single out the company’s senior lawyer, Vijaya Jade, internally likable.

Twitter focus on the most positive related areas

Musk gave employees more cause for concern this week after he sent an email to employees at Tesla titled: Remote work is not acceptable.

40 hours in departure departure. This is less than what we ask of factory workers.

This policy may conflict with the current position of Twitter, which is one of the largest affiliate commerce companies with the largest number of business boxes.

In an inner room shortly before Twitter’s management accepted the deal, a staff member asked if he was excited about the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčElon. The question elicited 446 responses from the staff score over a three-day period, of which no. Some answered that Musk does not appear to be because of the issues she faces with speaking, or building a social network in general.

It was a better option than the first option in the previous stage.

The executives were used in personnel cases.

In addition, it is also mentioned in the charset back. It aims to stabilize business during a turbulent period for the broader economy.

That flight made. In one case, an employee planning to join a corporate office four days before his start date learned that his job offer had been withdrawn.

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