WhatsApp is working to display the results of the polls

Another working team, as chosen, was selected in one season, and managed to get good results

And it will be rolled out with future updates, as reported by WABetaInfo, after the development of polls, the app now also displays the results of the group poll, the top is at the top of the top, the top is at the top of the top, at the top is at the top from the top, the top on the top of the top on the top on the top.

WABetaInfo states that at the moment it is not possible to view select a particular option, but the final update, the app has entered that as well, WABetaInfo also mentioned that your polls, advertisement and options are all encrypted. That you begin to create what you start from the start of development, it is also known how many options can be presented for the survey. To report, it will take some time to get to the rollout stage.

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