5 ways to protect your iPhone from being hacked and hacked

Some deceptive programs and applications downloaded from the App Store We offer you some ways that will protect you from being hacked according to the “business insider” website.

1. Avoid clicking on suspicious links

An iPhone can be hacked by clicking on a suspicious website or link, then the website is “parked”, check for banners, spelling, or URL.

Try to avoid connecting to a Wi-Fi network, allowing a hacker to easily access your site traffic or redirect you to a fraudulent site to access your login details.

2. Do not put up suspicious applications

There are devices that operate in a closed digital ecosystem and are highly monitored when used with Android devices, this era

Flashlight and pocket camera or microphone ، Activity

“I’d be a little skeptical about that in terms of ‘being fairly secure,'” says Zhang.

3. Use a strong password

Make sure you have a strong password.

Did you get an internet connection?

Implementing Apple’s two-factor authentication is another good method for a secure and practical operation.

says Vias Sekar, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

“Install apps from trustworthy sources, and unless you know what you’re doing, you probably don’t want to jailbreak your phone,” Sekar said, adding, “Be careful.

4. Keep your iPhone up to date

It is generally advised to keep your devices updated with security updates, and this also applies to iOS software updates, updates are fixes for vulnerabilities that may open your iPhone to hackers.

5. Watch out for target targets

Sometimes the suicidal assistant is used to commit suicide, which is what sometimes drives the hack of new phones.

Type of hack, one form of hack works as follows: Hackers exploit unknown flaws in iOS pro.

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