California agrees to allow state’s first fleet of taxis

D.C., California, United States, issued e-commerce, e-commerce, and payment method, start charging for postage.

The California Public Utilities Commission, unanimously, gave approval to launch driverless transportation services, and the regulator issued a permit on the photo from the start, the inability to pick up passengers, the curb in independent taxis, and the traffic spots.

Public passenger services will initially have 30 electric vehicles limited to ferrying passengers at the busiest doors in San Francisco from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. These restrictions are designed if something goes wrong, and will also allow regulators to assess how the technology works before Allow service expansion.

Cruise, the pioneer of robotic cars, did already charge passengers for rides in other driving vehicles with a backup human driver to control parts that went wrong in the technology, but Cruise was allowed to charge for trips in vehicles that wouldn’t be part by part to the side – which An ambition that has been pursued by a group of technology companies and traditional automakers for more than a decade.

Self-driving vehicles have been hailed as a way to get taxis less expensive to reduce traffic accidents and driver fatalities cruise to save lives, and help save the planet, time zone and money.” He said the company would gradually begin rolling out its premium rides.

Driverless car rentals have been in the Phoenix area since October 2020, but navigating the intensity and difficulty of crowded cities like San Francisco is even more challenging. Challenges for automated taxis to overcome.

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