How to do it.. How to change your Apple ID profile picture

Are you bored of using the same picture of yourself in your Apple ID? As you set it up, the steps to set up your Apple ID profile where your apples are displayed.

The steps are the same for iPhone and iPad, but there is a change when you change the profile picture on a Mac.

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on your name

3. Click on Edit the image that appeared on the screen

4. Click Take Photo if you want to take a selfie, then click Choose Photo to select a photo from the Photos app or Browse to select photos from Files. Adjust the image as per your preference.

5. Click on Choose.

How to change your Apple ID profile picture on Mac.

1. Click on the Apple menu.

2. Click on System Preferences.

3. Mouse pointer over your profile picture in the upper corner of the screen

4. Click Edit.

5. Click on Default to select the agricultural uploaded images. You can take a selfie by clicking on the camera. You can browse photos over photos or take a selfie via Photo Booth

6. Click Save.

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