Report: Google and Facebook had the highest wages during the year 2021

The average reforms of the S&P 500 – a business index of the 500 largest US financial companies – rose last year as the business economy grew, Lane of the Wall Street Journal analysis.

The report stated that Alphabet and Meta Platforms had the highest average wages for workers, at about $300,000, and it was a report above $100,000.

Ex-Prev, Ex-Prev, Ex-Prev, Ex-Prev, Ex-Prev, Ex-Prev, was originally from 44 organizations that paid less than $30K.

Apple’s revenue increased 18% last year, higher than the other companies in the index, and overall, average yearly wages rose for 278 companies out of 453 LLCs.

And a report said, this year, that Google granted four of its senior executives a significant increase in their salaries, raising their basic salaries from $ 650 thousand to one million dollars, and stated that the increase in the salaries of senior executives after a senior Google executive said in December that The tech giant won’t automatically adjust the salaries of all jobs to account for inflation.

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