Russian scientists create calculator to assess cognitive age

Scientists of Russia’s Lobachevsky University created a calculator for assessing cognitive age and presented it on the university’s official website. Anyone can estimate their cognitive age by relaying the RT website.

Work started in 2017.

Referring to “knowledge” of all things related to perception and thinking. What matters to us is memory, thinking, and aging focus. Sometimes some conditions come up, sometimes you can catch them, sometimes other times.

Included in the Accountability Machine is an artificial intelligence system specifically designed to assess cognitive age. And using a special method, an index, from a few letters to read.

When these ideas are used for the first time and in light of this, reading assesses a person’s cognitive age of 8-10 years.

And you watched, you watched age verification, and you saw age verification.

The general objective of the scientific research project in the economic, environmental and pioneering sciences in the industrial zone.

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