South Korean tower blogger files police complaint against Google CEO

A South Korean consortium has sued top Google executives, including CEO Sundar Pichai, over the tech giant’s in-app billing system that forces app developers to pay huge commissions.

According to The Korea Times, Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty (CUCS) filed a complaint against Google Korea CEO Nancy Mabel Walker Beach or Google Disc Scott Beaumont at Gangnam Police Station in Seoul for allegedly violating the Communications Business Act. country.

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South Korean companies have raised fees for Google Pay as the US tech giant prepares to remove apps that contain external payment links that circumvent Google’s in-app payment system.

Google enforces the controversial billing system in Korea as of June 1, the current time, I have Google Play in-app purchase.

South Korea’s Cabinet has approved a revised bill that would ban their application bureaus.

Google Requests in April requested that these apps be sold from the App Store on June 1.

Google’s ad display, in-app fees for a wide range of content services, including digital webtoons, experienced 20% on play in the two program months.

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