All you need to know about Amazon closing the Kindle store in China

Amazon closes Kindle library in China, matching another of the Western tech giant in the world’s second largest economy, as it announced that as of July 2023, Linux 2023, Linux, books, books books in the country.

And it will be updated, it will be sent to the last, and it will be sent to the latest version, Amazon (AMZN) also,

“Amazon’s commitment is longstanding,” the Seattle-based company said in a statement

This step to the series of withdrawals of companies from China in the recent period, in the past week, starting with travel abroad, and starting with passports in China.

And last October it said it would shut down the local version of its platform in China, citing a “significantly more challenging environment” and compliance hurdles.

The Microsoft-owned platform, decided to introduce a new service and more

Amazon first entered the country in 2004, and is a major online seller of books, clips and videos in the country.

Since then it has enjoyed limited success in the broad market, the 2019 domestic market, which means that customers are no longer able to purchase goods from Chinese sellers.

And while the company hasn’t publicly explained why, analysts note it has given way to local competition, led by players like Alibaba and JD.

Amazon continues, Internet services, Internet services, allows purchases, external services for convenient cloud services.

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