Google gets rid of Android Auto for phone screens

Google has told Android Auto users that it will soon be working via an in-app popup.

And it allows the application of a simplified interface inside the car from the Android system that is more secure while operating the phone through the car dashboard, the panel of the Arab Gateway for Technical News.

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It is noteworthy that this is not the first warning from the company that Otto ends phone screens, and the company neglected it last year when it disrupted it via the latest Android 12 devices.

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This is a result of the company’s announced plans in 2019, and Google wanted to move from the Android Auto experience over the phone to the driving mode of the Google Assistant.

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It is also accessible, and can be used at any time, in any image on all the advantages of Android Auto.

You should currently be working on installing another module.

Also, Google Assistant Command Mode is not a workaround. This view claims.

This also resulted in it showing up while it was playing, while previously it was on, while it was sent manually.

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The company has a full-fledged Automotive Judgment System that’s found in cars like the Polestar 2, and it’s making its way into Fords as well.

This year, Google upgraded the Android Auto Network experience, focusing on responsiveness and making better use of the car’s various infotainment screens.

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