Google tells Android Auto users to phone screens to stop soon

It tells users of the Android Auto app for phone screens that it’s working soon via an in-app popup message (via 9to5Google). The app has a simplified in-car interface Android Auto that works on the infotainment screen.

This isn’t Google’s first warning, as Android Auto was already deprecated last year, the group disabling Android Auto for phone screens on newer Android 12 devices. The photo that people who have eggs provided earlier but not previously submitted to this institution did not appear, they had previously provided more details to share at the moment. Google re-sent a similar message to 9to5Google this week, again ignoring a schedule, the application deadline, The Verge reported.

This whole debacle is caused by Google’s confusing plans in 2019, and wanted it to move from the Android Auto experience on the phone to the next Google Assistant driving mode at the time. This time period

Android Auto for Phone Screens is an accessible, picture-in-case solution in all Android Auto situations. You should get to buy cars from Android Auto.

Google Assistant’s driving mode isn’t a single workaround either; To be distracting facade by facade. This also causes it to find a portable player while it is playing, and the Google Assistant has received a request

Google has announced ambitious plans for the auto industry, including working Android Auto for phone screens to weaken them. The car can be started, parking is determined from Android Automotive found in cars like the Polestar 2, and it will make its way to Ford cars as well. Google has also upgraded the networked Android Auto experience this year, focusing on responsiveness and making better use of the car’s various infotainment screens.

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