How to do it.. How to create folders in the Gmail desktop

Mail gives you a variety of options, Gmail lets you create labels (folders) to sort email messages. Email it, send it, or add it to the congregation.

The association is similar to folders, but unlike folders, lakh association, multiple classifications on a single set of folders. But labels can be more efficient than folders. You can also include folders that act like subfolders in folders.

1. Open your Gmail account.

2. Go to the previous icon.

3. Click on the All Settings Options option.

4. Go to the Tabs tab, right next to the General tab.

5. Join a new category.

6. Enter a name and your label (folder) will be created.

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How can a piece of information in Gmail be useful for your daily work and personal life?

1. Arranging the application on the mail leads to a site that is easier to find in the future.

2. The mail is deleted initially, which helps you to save the mail in more than one place.

3. You can apply different icons different from each other.

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