Meta unveils new editing tools for Facebook and Instagram Reels

Meta, the company that created it, and Instagram, have updated it on a website, bringing it to life and creating reels on your desktop.

Starting with Instagram Reels, there are 4 new updates, the first major update is the ability to import private audio, import new audio, add captions, highlights, background from any video, Instagram also more its collection of effects with new updates.

Next, Instagram Reels now supports adding browse and quiz slider stickers and icons for your referrer, watch previously only included Instagram Stories, other which simplifies the process and finally, Instagram has increased the maximum reel length to 90 seconds.

When accessing Facebook Reels, content creators on Facebook, Reels, Scheduler in Content, Facebook, edit, and schedule in Content, their website through Creator Studio, there is a new tool for cutting video into segmentation long videos or Recorded or live, and game video creators can create Reels directly from their own live content.

Sync videos, video clips, video clips, video clips, convert text to video clips.

Show the file for your Reels on a viewing area, view the files, on Instagram, on Instagram, and get them to view the files for their Reels to expand the reach of their content. These offers and tools will be rolling out to creators around the world in the coming weeks.

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