Reveals 4 hidden features on iPhones

The instructions in the following steps in the WhatsApp application in the WhatsApp application

These images are visible if they appear in certain situations.

These instructions are called Quick Actions, and they also work in the iPhone Home screen,

And when you click on WhatsApp, the time it appears in a group, you will find that it suddenly appears, and three options will appear: remove the application, share the application, and edit the main photo, and four more times, WhatsApp is the QR code, the camera, and the new chat, 1.2.

First: QR code

It is found at the top of the list, and it automatically performs these tasks for them to add your friends.

The second stage: quick launch of the camera

Allows quick camera launch option, you can take your photos directly in WhatsApp to share with friends or family.

Third chat: New chat

Send an email to a contact.

Fourth stage: search

It allows you to open this menu at the same time.

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