WhatsApp will allow you to edit sent messages soon

Site report detection TechBookyThe text messaging platform can fix some errors in the messages sent. Its taste has always been requested in the WhatsApp program, and they are installed to add / remove from your messages.

his mother for WABetainfo , shows you the source of the current image. You can use an asterisk to indicate the spelling corrections for their receivers. I have flagged misspellings.

You are ready to place a copy of the message and click on the menu in the dot on the side. After selecting an option, it can then be sent … at the moment, selected, selected, selected, selected, selected, selected, selected.

The addition of the edit button dates back to 2017, while the first evidence appeared on WhatsApp beta system Android Version 2.17.26. However, she did not make it to the finalists. Telegram, WhatsApp competition, allowed for a long period of time, and it is an unrivaled advantage The WhatsApp A bit skeptical about its final release.

In the development stage, it rolled out at an unknown time, as with all experiments The WhatsAppfrom the access point to the additional channel.

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