Apple officially unveils watchOS 9 operating system for smart watches

Apple today unveiled a systemwatchOS 9 which can be drunk through the wearable systemApple Watch Now more watch faces are on the outside of the table, with richer intricacies providing more information and the opportunity for customization.

And in an application work out Updated, assisted metrics, galleries, and athlete-inspired training experiences.

and bring watchOS 9 Dormancy stages to application Sleepsadvantage History of AFib US Food and Drug Administration approval (Food and Drug Administration) Deeper insights into user status. Easily track packages.

Jeff Williams, COO of apple: “loves around the world Apple Watch To help them stay connected with the ones they love, be more active throughout the day, and better manage their health,” this fall, takes watchOS 9 an experience Apple Watch To Home, Pinned, Pinned On Fitness, Sleep, Heart Health, Apple Watch theirs. “

Watch faces for everyone

start experience Apple Watch With watch faces, which opens the opportunity to sell them for the special case, while linking them to printing, by linking the links to each other. watchOS 9 Four new faces: the moon, which depicts the relationship between the calendar, the Gregorian, and the lunar calendar, used in many cultures such as Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew; game timeA dynamic piece of art that is unique to you Apple Watch And a project and a project with the artist Joey Fulton ; Governorateelectronic watch interface type where the change pattern changes with rotation digital crown ; And astronomy, original face, paraphrased.

Presents watchOS 9 Improved and updated complications on some e-card faces, such as serviceAnd thebasicAnd theAnalog activityalong with editing the unit’s background image, andcompact unitsAnd theX-large For extra personalization.

presents a face photo The new Depth effect is applied to more photos, including cats, dogs and landscapes, while Chinese texts have been added as options for watch faces. California And thePrint. Focus now select more names Apple Watch Almighty Iphonesuch as photographs while focusing on the situation, which helps to remain in a calm state

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