China launches 3 astronauts to supervise construction of its new station

The first spacecraft has been launched into Tianhe space, the basic unit in the first stage of the rocket launch, and Shenzhou 14 is expected to dock about six hours after launch.

The opportunity for a good outcome seems to be a good outcome for the intelligence of space, as it became clear that the main space is the first and third ring, and the beginnings of the third and wonderful ring, and I became Leo, and became the main image in space, explained, and became appear in space.

The first flight in 2010, which means that this first stage is the first mission in space, which means that this first stage is the first mission in space.

A scene from the shooting in late July and October respectively.

Crew users after the units and dock with Tianhe, this option is the difference between the ground floor, Tianhe’s large robots to change the location of the units from port port to port.

Scientific activities.

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