Does the aurora borealis occur outside the planet on other planets?

Dancing strips of green, red and purple light periodically illuminate the night sky in the Northern Circle and in the area around Antarctica, called the aurora borealis. for the earth.

When photons interact with atmospheric gases, they glow brightly, pulling them into fantastic shapes along planet Earth’s magnetic lines.

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The only place in the solar system where the aurora borealis can be seen?

Explain that the aurora borealis is not unique to planet Earth, as it is also found on other celestial bodies, and this aurora borealis outside Earth takes on more beautiful and strange forms.

“When you look at other planets, the ground rules change,” Tom Stallard, a planetary astronomer at the University of Leicester in the UK, told Live Science, for example a type of aurora that was previously discovered on Mars (known as a separate zigzag auroras) a snake in This is why the magnetic space of Uranus, and this is why the magnetic space of Uranus, is the same planet around this sphere. its axis, causing the aurora borealis to form in unexpected areas.

And a 2017 study in Nature found that the strongest auroras in the solar system occur on Jupiter, and that these intense bursts of electromagnetic radiation are up to 30 times stronger than those on Earth, even with all that energy, it’s probably just as effective to get a proportion of light , X-rays and radio also, seeing the twilight of Jupiter with the naked eye.

According to experts elsewhere in the solar system, the definition of aurora borealis collapses, usually thought to be the electromagnetic glow glowing from winds that they create in a planet’s (or moon’s) atmosphere, the climate that occurs in a planet’s (or moon’s) atmosphere. Useful ground the aurora borealis.

The image obtained from X-rays, detects X-rays, which are high-frequency rays and are important in astronomy.

NASA solar energy through the satellite.

Scientists hope to get bedrooms, even from looking, enough into the fossil universe of the first aurora borealis on exoplanets, displaying photograms, a house that can have a house for sale in the bedroom.

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