For this reason, NASA will need Russia to send more astronauts to the International Station

The International Space Agency in outer space, where it purchased 5 flights into outer space, or enough to keep staff uninterrupted. The space station until its expected demise in 2030.

While it still intends to use Boeing’s Starr, other new SpaceX missions to fulfill the rotation plans between the two companies, Neo will be both an option according to Engadget.

If the need exists at the right time.

The first booking is expected to take place in 2023.

And Boeing may not be deprived of more opportunities to transport astronauts to international space, and yet NASA requires more flights, the company will miss its great opportunity to acquire SpaceX at once.

The current arrangement offers a total of 14 Crew Dragon missions for just six Starliner flights – it would be a behemoth that has lost its letters in its alphabet business to a relatively newcomer.

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