Kaspersky: Vehicle Control Apps Face Privacy Risks

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They reviewed paint projects affiliates for Saudi Arabia and found that 58% of the apps used access data to vehicles that requested their approval requests.

This application contains contact information, which makes it impossible for his account on the house account for the fact that there is a problem with the application. Kaspersky published these results and some ideas in “Email Help”.

And it hangs on the running cars of many cars that are on the highway, it can let you run the tires.

It enjoys the external conditions before which purchase orders appear in public, and its breastfeeding in the exhibition

The offshore commercial applications analyzed by Kaspersky cover major vehicle brands, led by Tesla, Nissan, Renault, Ford and Volkswagen, whose vehicles are commercial vehicles under construction. This time, such cases, all these cases are difficult to handle.

The company’s experts examined 69 third-party applications designed for special program vehicles and UNDP rides. The experts found that more than half (58%) of these apps did not warn of the dangers of using the owner’s account held by the vehicle manufacturer.

Some developers recommend using an authorization code instead of a user and password to make their app appear more credible. Trouble logging in via email. This means that the risk of controlling vehicles is high. So they believe that they are responsible for total security. But, that was before.

Moreover, 14% of apps contain information on how to contact the developer or give feedback, making it impossible to calculate more information about the app’s privacy policy.

The lack of official communication and social networking pages shows that most of these applications were developed by a hobbyist. To be some sign companies are destroying, but they know how to see them.

op. cit. that 46 out of the 69 analyzed applications, v e. This has contributed to these apps being downloaded from the Google Play Store more than 239,000 times, which raises questions about how many people give them the ability to get more help with these apps.

“We find that a lot of traffickers in the address are linked to some personal data, and stored, which leads to the fragrance of personal information,” said Sergey Zorin, head of airport security.

So now, why the reason is the reason behind this data, why the reason? Health work and themselves.

Kaspersky experts recommend developers to follow.

• Adopting development solutions that secure the application development process by controlling the application at runtime, scanning it for vulnerabilities before it is deployed, requiring routine security checks of containers, testing production tools to protect them from malware. The development stage has become in the stage of moving abroad.

As for Kaspersky experts, they recommend the following:

• Not to download applications except from the official ones, such as the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. And I found some solutions that I encountered, I found some solutions I encountered in platforms, and I found these systems.

• Check permissions of apps and think twice before doing any task, numbers, dial, numbers, contact and accessibility services.

• Adopting a reliable security solution.

• Keeping the operating system, operating applications, and software applications up to date.

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