macOS Ventura..

Apple today announced the new version of macOS, macOS Ventura with new features, including Stage Manager, a feature for managing all your windows.

It helps you focus on the app you are using without any distraction by arranging all the other apps on the side, with the main and active app.

macOS Ventura also improves Spotlight with rich results, coming to iOS and iPadOS, making actions open from within Spotlight, a window, and…

As part of macOS Ventura, Apple is also adding major improvements to the Mac app, where undoing sending another email lets you send it, and it’ll also be able to send follow-up reminders.

It also improves some financial apps, especially Safari, and by making it easier to share branding, use shared tab groups, go back and live

macOS Ventura will be available for all supported Macs later this year, with a developer beta available later the next day and public beta testers in July.

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