Scientists announce a new path in determining the origin of life on Earth and possibly Mars

Through the formation of ribose cores on basaltic lava glass.

RNA, DNA DNA, RNA DNA, helps determine the origin of DNA and Mars, according to the RT report.

I began to have a biological opportunity in the journal Astronomy, the observation by an American organization of the geographical evolution of our planet 4.35 billion years ago, and photos can be found in ours.

“You don’t study the origins of life in the latter,” said Stephen Benner, co-author of the study.

Beiner explained that one of the errors repeats traditional questions with chemical aids and corrective science

This is the reason for explaining the complexity of this picture on Earth.

In contrast, the opposite, formed, when you take nucleoside compounds, is formed, when you turn into nucleoside compounds.

Stephen Mogesses, an Earth scientist who was also involved in the study commented: “It was a basaltic arc at that time, and for several hundred years after the moon formed, and the interstitial basalt was forming.

It can also include aquifers, as it consists of aquifers.

The presentation also led to the production of nickel, which also shows what gives nucleosides and activated phosphate, also, which is found in volcanic lava, and borates, which are also from basalt, control the formation of that triphosphate.

The report explains that the same influences that also formed the glass, transiently reduced the atmosphere through its iron-nickel metal core.

DNA molecules are formed from RNA, in such atmospheres.

The team previously showed that nucleosides are formed by a simple reaction between ribose phosphate and RNA bases.

I did it in chemistry.

Small organic molecules almost certainly existed on the early Earth.

And a single geologic model goes from one carbon molecule molecule, to give RNA molecules long enough to support Darwinian evolution.

And I made sure that the frequently asked questions became the links between nucleotides. Variable yeast in the garden.

And Mars these old days. However, Mars did not suffer from the continental drift and plate tectonics that buried most of the rocks from Earth over 4 years ago.

4 – a good relationship has arisen of innate origin.

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