What does Apple’s WWDC conference mean? And what is revealed during it?

Prepares for WWDC 2022 Developer Conference, which will take place from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10, 2013

– Apple Developer Conference

Known for its acronym WWDC, a conference held every year in California before the Apple conference in 1983, and lasted until the present year annually, closing the number of attendees between 2000 to 4200 developers, but the family business for more than a year held the conference by default as a result of the spread of the virus corona.

A primary rollout is a software event, as the latest version of operating systems for its devices — iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV — are starting to roll out just hours or days after Apple’s September event.

The exhibits that were revealed through special offers for cars

During 1997 the driver was introduced in the operating environment in the operating environment, “and in 2001, Steve Jobs brought out to the world for the first time the revolutionary music device iPod, and in 2006 during this conference was presented for the first time the macro as an alternative to its predecessor Power Mac was also announced an update For the iPhone, and in 2007 the iPhone was announced.

The third time Apple will hold 2022, the company’s 33rd WWDC conference.

What will Apple announce at WWDC 2022

WWDC has traditionally been a software event, this year we will see iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9, and after the presentation of the new operating system updates, Apple also released beta versions of the normal operating system and principle.

There is also that Apple may introduce new Macs at the event, the company is said to be introducing the MacBook Air at WWDC 2022.

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