Learn how to reset the Chromebook keyboard

Traditional computers are different in many ways – and not just because of their software.

They run Chrome OS, which means they have keys like F1 or even Caps Lock, depending on your style of work, this can be a welcome or a huge pain.

If you’re not happy with this arrangement, you can reset a reasonable number of Chromebook keys and drastically change the way you use your device.

All you have to do is head to the Keyboard section of your Chromebook’s settings:

Click the clock in the lower corner of the screen.

Click on the gear icon in the panel that appears.

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You will see a list of keys that you assign:

Trigger key (also called search key).

Ctrl key.

Alt key.

Escape key.

Backspace key.

Assistant key (Pixelbook devices only).

Each key can be reset with any of the following functions:

Launcher/Search keys

(Chrome OS app drawer and search prompt)



capital letters key


(On the side where Google Assistant is available)

Click the button next to it, the function you want, you want to set the trigger key (or search) Still missing the Caps Lock key, you may want to set the Caps Lock function for the Escape or Assistant keys.

This is the key for the Google Assistant key, it became an easier key to the assistant, you might consider assigning an Escape or even a Launcher key to handle this functionality.

Another option is to reset the keys in the rows as function keys.

I activated the activation work besides, changing the keys in the top row of the Chromebook’s panel – the go back, page reload, and fax commands, to that, to standard F1-style operative keys.

And you will still be able to access and will still be able to access that courier.

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