Rogozin commands commanding the German telescope at the Spektr-RG

Dmitriy Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos, ordered the German eROSITA telescope to be allowed at the Spektr-RG Space Observatory RT.

Rossir Rogozin in an interview with the “Russia-24” TV channel, to the Russian Cosmos channel “Rosetta” at the German telescope Erosita at the Spektr-RG space observatory, which was stopped by German colleagues.

“Procedures on starting work on restarting the German telescope have responded to the Russian ART-XC side,” he says.

To him, this is necessary for science. No to those who decided to stop the work of this telescope, political reform.

It is reported that the German side stopped the work of the eROSITA telescope after the start of military operation in Ukraine, which caused significant losses “RosCosmos”, the Corporation intends to submit an invoice to the German side, these losses, in addition, the Spektra-RG monitoring program. According to Rogozin.

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