7 steps to prevent the phone battery from overheating in the summer?

High temperatures during the summer during the day at work or at home, or in the evening while sleeping.

And many experts from the experts advised the high temperature of the phone, which eventually leads to an explosion from the increase in the temperature of the lithium battery, which reaches the point of combustion in the event of the phone overheating, which leads to the end.

In the usual case for the Russian SafeNet Engineering Center, a number of steps must be taken to prevent the phone from constantly heating up and causing it to burn, the most important of which are:

1 Turning off Bluetooth and GPS, which raises the temperature of the device while opening them constantly.

2 Turn off the Wi-Fi module or else the device will constantly search for a connection to connect to the Internet.

3 Using the original chargers for the device and avoiding weak connections that exhaust the battery.

4 The use of covers of the type of phone “case” prevents good from overheating.

5 Put the mutual telephone at bay throughout the day.

Immediately disassemble the device in case of overheating and move away from it while placing it in a cool place for ventilation.

7 Stop applications that need to be put online.

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