China tops patents for 5G network technology

China’s National Intellectual Property Authority announced that it owns nearly 40% of the patents, for 5G network technology; It maintains the top spot in the world rankings in this field.

The Chinese News Agency, quoted by the Chinese News Agency, Wednesday, noting that China announced 18,728 patents, which represents 39.9% of the global total, followed by the United States with 34.6%, and then the Republic of Korea with 9.2%.

The report also highlighted that among the top 15 patent applicants in the world, seven are Chinese, and two are from the United States and Europe.

It is reported that the Chinese astro-tech giant “Huawei” announces 6,583 patent families, accounting for 14%; It ranks first among global applications, and patent ownership is a group of invention applications that carry the same commercial center or the like.

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