Curiosity probe finds strange twisted structures on Mars

Curiosity Probe, Curiosity Probe, NASA, Curiosity Probe, Space Agency Weird, Strange, Extraterrestrial Species These experts are like their cleats, and they are less charming than they evolve from.

Except for what the website says.RT‘, the swirling zodiac of water pouring out of the water through an invisible jug in the sky..

institute for experts SETI (a nonprofit research organization focused on the search for life in the universe), these twisted formations are simply chunks of rock, and in fact, these may have been columns of cement-like material that once filled bedrock cracks in sedimentary rock. .

Experts: The rest of the rock was made of a softer material and eroded away. However, it is a task that is not important.

Agave between its layers. This means that the previously observed organisms may hide secrets.

These strange rock formations were captured by a camera aboard Curiosity on May 17, NASA and experts at the Institute of SETI They only shared the photo last week, on May 26.

The picture shows two formations that resemble tree trunks that were found in his travels to the end. And at the moment the exact size.

NASA, the mission goal, is to introduce some actions into the bounty program..

In fact, he used outer space in strange forms.

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