NASA is exposed to displaying mysterious domes on the moon .. know the details

Shown in a good picture is a geological motif, an idea formed from sticky rocks, similar in composition to granite.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, these experts are not sure how the domes formed and evolved over time.

The Lunar-VISE mission, scheduled for 2025, will be mounted on a platform landing pad and three seats on a roving, and over the course of ten Earth days (a lunar day), Lunar-VISE will explore the top of one of Gruithuisen’s domes.

Data collected and returned by Lunar-VISE instruments enables scientists to answer frequently asked questions in the FAQ on the top of the case.

The data will also help inform the robotic operator and humans coming to the satellite from the Artemis program, which was relegated to landing the first woman and man on the Moon later this decade.

Finally, a second investigation was conducted: the LEIA Science Array (LEIA), a small device based on the CubeSat.

LEIA will provide lunar biological research, satellite viewing and lunar gravity.

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