New fraudulent operations targeting you via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram .. Details

A new study has emerged since the beginning of the last year 2021, costing cryptocurrency scams a total exposure of 800 million pounds, with more than 2,000 pounds stolen from the victim, the Emirati statement quoted.

Mamomoh, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram have warned of the dangers and spread of cryptocurrency-related scams on Meta-owned apps. This is according to what was reported by “Russia Today” about “only”.

These scams are on the three major platforms that criminals exploit.

Instagram is the most used app for fraud plans (32%), followed by Facebook (26%) and WhatsApp (nine percent).

These statistics are from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which said between 2021 and the end of March 2022, more than 46,000 people fell victim to crypto-related fraud.

The most sophisticated type of scam was the cryptocurrency investment scam, who lost £459m after being scammed with fake investment opportunities.

And bitcoin has been the response scammers were most targeting, with 70% of that response paying out.

Speaking about the trade portal, Trade Portal: “Investment scammers claim they have access to a digital portal, but this is a reality in cryptocurrency going straight to the fraudster’s wallet, website stocks and quick investment apps for them to track their crypto growth, but it’s all fake.

Some people have reported doing a “small test pull – just enough to convince them, it’s the real size, the copy, the copy, the copy, for a (mock) fee, and they try to do it.”

And unfortunately, one of the costly scams that demand horror is romance scams where fraudsters prey on people’s desire to blackmail them. The average amount stolen from scams per individual is approximately £8000.

Tips to avoid fraud

– Investment will soon approach investing in investing money, not to mention big money.

– He will not ask you to buy a northern coin, not to solve a problem, not to protect your money. , Scam.

– Shows you how to invest in cryptocurrency, asks you to send crypto, this is a scam.

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