Tencent launches Honor of Kings globally

Domestic trade company, focus on the international game market, and wonderful EC game, which play in the EC, which is playing in EA. Mostly in China, it’s consistently the most profitable, generating $10 billion in revenue between its launch in 2015 and September last year, and the office for data firm Sensor Tower.

The shooting of what was reported by the “Arab Gateway for Technology News” website, the launch of the Tencent international launch signal, the company’s focus on a global scale because the local area became open

Since last June. And did the latest batch of licenses, 60 game licenses Tencent, the world’s largest game company.

The company in May, earned its original dividend of 1%. While revenue increased by 4%.

Honor of King, which has more than 95% of its users in China, was ranked as the world’s highest-grossing game in the month of April. Spending over $274 million, dead 6.2%

The result was that the result is a major investigation. But the same time company that is played in China.

The international release of the brand new international version of Tencent Elder, which is based in Singapore, was established last year, the Chinese company on releasing games outside of China.

Developer Level Infinite on bringing honor of royalty to the rest of the world. He explained that invitations for the closed version are arriving soon.

Within the game, players can choose characters from Chinese legends to build teams, and the game also has extensive social features such as chat integration that uses popular Chinese apps such as QQ and WeChat.

It is currently known whether it is available in the global version of the Kings Gallery, and the company may plan to replace it with more applications present in the western market such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Mobile games are the most popular form of gaming like Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush, and PUBG Mobile to hook dollars annually.

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