Which car companies will support the Apple CarPlay version?

The tech giant says the next generation of CarPlay will soon break free from links that restrict it to the main infotainment screen and spread to additional in-car screens.

In addition, CarPlay will also use vehicle data to show critical driving information such as speed, fuel mileage and engine metrics as well as controls, including audio or climate.

Will your car be ready for this extended version of CarPlay?

That’s why Virgin Arabia cited 12 CarPlay seniors, and most of us responded on that.”

And Apple’s own products are expected to be on the show announcing cars that will support this more complex version of CarPlay.

Was this case another case of car export companies scrambling from the countries of the League of Arab States to control the car? Here’s what the automakers told us:

At the moment a clear focus has been placed on improving the proprietary iDrive interface system and part of this development is the enactment of environmental integration. WWDC in our solutions.

Volvo: “At the moment we don’t have anything to share other than that, we plan to support the next generation of Apple CarPlay in cars.”

Toyota: “We cannot comment or predict the future product at this time.”

Ford: “Thank you for connecting with the story of the next generation of Apple CarPlay. We’ve got to share it right now.”

The launch of the next generation of CarPlay comes to Polestar cars of the future.”

* For Apple Car App Play, CarPlay Upgrade.

General Motors.

Mercedes-Benz: Spreading the entry signal into the atmosphere of the fields I answered, in turn, we are also in discussions with Apple.

And I sent background graphics. Ford is working with Google to design UX software for “millions” of future vehicles, while Stellantis is doing the same with Amazon. Volvo and Polestar have simply transformed the user experience into Google’s Android Auto, a view that works natively in certain cars. Apple has not yet made any similar deals with major cars.

This isn’t the first time another company has faced multi-screen interoperability.

He successfully performed multi-screen interactive playback of CarPlay, and the company promised a complete overhaul of CarPlay.

This included the ability to display different displays and display information on a main display that appears as Apple’s iOS 13 support image.

It was Apple’s way to overlay the CarPlay screen on these screens. After this week’s announcements, you should be working on it.

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