All you need to know about the future of Microsoft glasses for augmented reality?

Microsoft CEO said about HoloLens, the future of the booster project is in question.

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Panos Panay, who heads up the Surface Computer division, now oversees HoloLens hardware, while Jeff Tepper, the company’s vice president who manages NAIMAT as the Thames collaborative producer, is the group’s flagship.

Scott Guthrie, head of Microsoft’s cloud segment, said the changes were made in a memo to executives. Running HoloLens, Kipman runs in Windows XP and has been a longtime employee.

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The company agreed to provide head-worn facilities to the US military in a 10-year, 10-year agreement up to 121,500 eyeglasses along with service parts and software inclusions.

That project hasn’t gone smoothly, and the Army said in April it could spend less than half the maximum. The kinks in this system, called IVAS, have been resolved.

The company has a trading, an indicator, but it needs a trade.

In the event that the Army deal does not go well, the company may have to re-evaluate to continue to do HoloLens.

And the software giant is working with a startup that allows it.


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Hola was seen as a cornerstone of a strategy. Microsoft made changes to focus its development of Metaverse on software.

Many of the initial messages are related to the metaverse field, and are related to some programs such as the Thames application, where Microsoft introduced the idea of ​​holograms in the desert.

That’s why Holness Software’s affiliate moved under the leadership of Jeff Tepper, his group some of the company’s Metaverse engineers.

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