Learn how to save and recover files on Chromebook

If you just bought your first Chromebook or are considering one, here are the basics of how to save your files on your Chromebook and find them again.

Save your files

Saving a file to a Chromebook is a lot like saving a file to macOS or Windows. You can save a file in one of two ways:

Press Ctrl + S , or right-click on the image or file you want to save and select “Save As”.

In either case, you’ll see the Files app (the Mac’s Finder or Window’s File Explorer equivalent) in Moving the Verge site.

Select the folder in which you want to save the file from the list on the left, then click the Save button in the lower right corner. (If you want to change the file name, signature, signature, which is in the field to the left of the Save button.)

You can also save and recover files from Google Drive from here.

The Files app comes loaded with a Downloads folder, but you can easily create your own by clicking the New Folder button in the bottom corner.

Find your files

What to do on your files:

Click the Launcher button in the lower corner of the screen.

A window will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you’ve been using recently, tapping on that is tapping on recently used apps.

Above that click the arrow above the ‘up’ arrow above a field.

The Files app also automatically organizes your files into Recent folders, Audio, Pictures, and Videos to make it easier to find these types of files.

Keep in mind that even while you can save a reasonable number of files, most Chromebooks come with relatively small storage space.

64 GB to 256 GB, there are some units that go up to 400 GB.

Like on a typical Mac or Windows, but most Chromebook users tend to save their content in the cloud rather than on their on-premises systems, this should be a huge problem.

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