New features update the Apple Watch .. speed reading

Typing a message on the Apple screen is no longer simple, so small, until now, available in the small numbers of the keys, and the closing of the small keys. Her information is a test of patience with her information.

Thankfully, the WatchOS 9 update will bring some photos, thanks to the arrival of QuickType on the Apple smartwatch.

It was first spotted by designer Brahm Shank. which can accommodate a virtual size keyboard.

QuickType originally appeared on iOS 9

The idea is to allow a message to be arranged as quickly as possible, the predictor at the heart of QuickType also recognizes the tone of the conversation. It is appropriate to go into the appropriate arrangement of conversations.

From keywords to this mini keyboard. You can use QuickType, which allows you to click on the suggestions for suggestions that appear right below the text field.

For non-English speakers, the positive news is that WatchOS 9 is also expanding the Series 7 pad to support French, German, and Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish keys. Email size in the process of moving the site Digitartlends.

Quick Type on Apple Watch Series 7 is a convenient addition, but it will take you to access all rights.

There was already a pre-release in the pre-release version of WatchOS 9, but the first public release rolled out next month only for people hoping to avoid a horse-drawn trial of a beta, offer to wait until fall until fall Until the stable WatchOS 9 update rolled out.

In case you missed Apple’s WWDC 2022 event, WatchOS 9 also has new watch faces, performance metrics, fit in the workouts app, sleep stats tool for REM, Deep, and Core sleep phase malfunctions), and the AFib log that maintains a log of new arrhythmias to track medications.

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