Observation of a mysterious “structure” from a black hole in a distant giant galaxy

As a result of that high dynamic range imaging, a team of astronomers in Japan for the first time detected a faint radiofrequency covering a giant galaxy with an active black hole at its center, RT reports.

The radio emission from the gas is emitted directly from the central black hole. The team predicts how to deal with the black hole.

Flying to the anomaly, the name 3C273, a “quasar,” is 2.4 billion light-years from Earth, and is the most studied quasar in the night sky.

A quasar, or quasar, is a galactic nucleus that is believed to have a supermassive black hole at its center, potentially containing the surrounding, resulting in massive radiation, but what 3C273 appears to be extremely luminous.

The quasar was first observed in 1963 and was the first quasar ever to be detected.

Radio telescopes face challenges when focusing on bright telescopes like the 3C273. explained: “When you see the headlight of a car, the dazzling freedom makes it difficult to control the surroundings in the vicinity of the surroundings. The thing happens to telescopes when they spot bright objects.”

Scientists at ALMA have developed techniques to study the dark host galaxy. They found that the structure of waves laid over the galaxy for tens of thousands of light years, and this is the first discovery of its kind.

Against the high dynamic range of the imaging, explained, the team detected a faint radio emission spanning tens of thousands of light-years over the host galaxy 3C273.

Radiation from planets…

Synchrotron radiation is also present in 3C273. The basic version of a router is a frequency shifter.

And then the mall was built, which was built, which was built, which was built by the 3C273 core.

Photoluminescence in the quasar host galaxy.

“With the same technique on other quasars, we expect to understand how the galaxy evolves through its interaction with the central,” said one of the scientists involved in the study.

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