The relationship of the spread of misinformation on social media and the climate change crisis?

deterioration in environmental degradation.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the state of science 3M index, 90% of the UK population trust science in 2022, compared to 85% in 2019.

This statistic also compares to the 88% of Europeans and 89% of people globally who trust science in 2022.

Read more in the UK, #57%, #social communication is threatening the public’s understanding. for information.

If the public does not trust news about science, the external consequences from sections within society and the more serious effects of climate change may be.

Traditional media, media and magazines, social media.

The findings suggest that scientists can help scientific credibility online.

“There is an excellent opportunity for us to come together as a scientific community and be the gatekeepers of good science from the good of the public directly in the fight against the spread of disinformation,” said Sarah Chapman, 3M Technical Director for Europe and the Middle East.

This data shows us that open data is used to use scientific knowledge to educate the public about today’s most important issues, from climate change to vaccine development to retrogression.”

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