Twitter intends to provide the full data to Elon Musk .. Details

The length of Twitter can reach Elon Musk’s request, an internal database that includes more than 500 million tweets posted on the service, as well as a log representation in time, and the collection includes data and information about accounts accessing the platform, according to an engadged report.

After Twitter accepted Musk’s $44 billion takeover bid in April, the billionaire announced in May about concerns about matters related to fake accounts, on Twitter consistently that less than 5% of its users business today, a figure that Musk says is He wants to confirm it before proceeding with the recovery process.

On Monday, Musk accused the company of committing a “material breach” of the merger union by refusing to disclose information about the fake accounts.

She signed on Twitter that “this page is working collaboratively” with Musk as they work out a deal, and said they’re working with each other, and it’s useful, and it’s useful around the world, merging at their allotted rate, with some accounts and government accounts, enter a number A record number of Twitter accounts and accounts are crucial to monetizing the platform through ads, and Musk has set aside about $33 billion of his personal fortune to buy the company, and he’s demanding the deal unless it proves his value has changed.

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