Will space solar power stations become a reality? answers

China has made efforts to build solar power stations in space in an ambitious project that several countries seek to emulate, and allocated; perfect.

To get around this, scientists interested in conserving solar-powered energy in outer space, where energy that runs on Earth can be created.

Solar technology was launched in 2030.

The experimental technology, which is about 250 miles (400 kilometers) from the Digitartlends site.

Only generate about 10 kilowatts of power, working effectively. Then it can be increased to produce more.

But fancy the magnitude of the challenge that awaits him in his endeavors to send microwave energy across distances u wait.

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After launching the initiative within three years, the engineers want to try to reach the goal of achieving its goal of launching a 10 mega energy initiative capable of transferring energy to military and civilian energy by 2035.

Energy production to 2 gigawatts by 2050, production capacity.

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