An extremely fast radio stream detected a ‘newborn’ from deep space

An international team led by Chinese scientists has discovered the most extreme example of a newer one repeatedly and continuously, using the FAST telescope, a 500-meter-long powder, in southwest China, emanating from a galaxy located 3 billion light-years away, RT reports.

What does cosmic special mean?

Intense and brief flashes of radio jets and fast rapid fluxes (FRBs). The phenomenon was discovered in 2007 by graduate student David Narkevich and his supervisor Duncan Lorimer. in gathering evidence of their nature.

Only return once, then never heard of her again.

Regular and elegant.

And now, scientists have detected a radio flux, the fastest exotic ever seen from the first one.

Scientists say the discovery could have implications for the way you use cost-of-use

The international team led by Dr. Li Di, of the National Astronomical Observatories of the Academy of Sciences (NAOC), discovered an active fast radiofrequency trace known as FRB 190520B.

And a correlation was identified in a radio thread, making it second to be identified after the first FRB 121102A was detected.

But the scientists said that the discovery of the new fast radio never stopped being discovered, but that we found out that it is very active.


The scientists demonstrated that the new FRB 121102A behavior is similar to but more extreme.

Exploration hints at an evolutionary picture of fast radio waves.

The team also hypothesized that FRB 121102A and FRB 190520B represent the initial stage of the FRB group.

Dr. Lee announced that the integrated picture of the origin and evolution of the scheme, the former graph, the proposed Radio Rapid is expected to emerge in just a few years.

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