Astronomers detect strange signals from a galaxy 3 billion light years away

Astronomers have discovered and continue to search for it, as these pulses of electromagnetic radiation detected on it use small biblical images of the astronauts.

A new rate in the graph, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, after about 3 years of hundreds, smaller and more than the vehicle that has ever been identified.

The study is used to study the universe.

An international team led by Li discovered it, making it second to be identified after the discovery of the first repeater FRB 1211102A.

Researchers are researching the new, repetitive fast radio burst that has never stopped since its discovery, and is the only one discovered so far that is highly active.

They said that FRB190520B is the case in a complex environment environment with characteristics similar to those in the working environment in a complex environment, making it similar to a newborn may be.

The behavior of the new FRB 121102A is similar to but more extreme, the experts said, and they were that the discovery hinted at an evolutionary picture of FRBs.

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