Google puts the final touches on Android 13 .. Know the details

Google Power started running beta 3 of Android 13, has reached the stage of platform stability, this achievement means that Android 13 has reached the internal APIs, the final medical, the final application facing behaviors.

Announcing the Arab portal for project news, the announcement of the advertising indicator on Google, the main updates, and that everything that happens until the final version, is related to putting the final touches.

The new version of the operating system reached this milestone before the full versions of Android 12, it was a more ambitious update to device owners and there were a lot of bugs.

Android 12 . pivoting system

The answer issued by the OS. and cast it as a follicle.

Developers of applications, games, SDK, library, and game engines can now use platform stability as a target for final compatibility and public release planning to ensure that updates are ready before the final release.

Google Developers beta with beta 3 on app compatibility testing, and now that Android 13 has reached platform stability, app developers should test them for compatibility in time for the final release, so that the time around the body of preparations required before rolling out stable operating system.

Google also highlighted some of the changes it uploaded to app developers.

Also, after the release of the app update version, the developers are also required to start the SDK version update process as well as run the release and review behavioral changes for apps targeting Android 13, use of atmospheres and events.

Google highlighted the changes developers have to test if their apps target API level 33 or higher:

This bridge to the wireless network.

and reductions in body measurement equipment.

Also punched in Google previously clicked on forms to print from other large-screen devices from their tests.

Developers can test improvements for large screen devices by setting up an Android emulator in a development environment. compatible with that.

the following changes:

Taskbar interaction.

Multi window mode.

Enhanced compatibility experience.

Camera preview.

Any changes in the forecast percentage of car sales in Egypt.

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