Magnetic magnetism

The idea of ​​reversing the Earth’s magnetic poles may appear like the plot of the latest science fiction movies, as it is believed that historically the Earth’s north poles reversed every 200,000-300,000 years, however, the last of which happened about 780,000 years ago could have caused what could exist.

Good luck as reported by the “Daily Mail” Britain, Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe.

New study on Earth’s ferromagnetism Soon as researchers from Lund University collected data on Earth’s geomagnetic field spanning 9,000 years, they say there is no evidence of a reversal.

Earth has a fierce molten core capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds, this protective field extends thousands of miles into space and its magnetism affects everything from the aurora borealis to power grids.

The Earth’s magnetic field is 10% over the course of 180 returns, however, a mysterious region has appeared in the South Atlantic, where the magnetic field is decreasing as quickly as possible.

This region in the anomalous South Atlantic region has seen artificial satellites malfunction over it times due to exposure to sunlight, and these days it has begun to predict that the Earth is heading towards a magnetic pole reversal.

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