NASA explorer spots strange and ancient forms on Mars .. know the details

The space agency’s Keris probe discovered natural reality, natural reality, and space fossils, and they were found on Earth.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” did not mention it, experts say the columns may be cement-like materials that were, sand in the pit.

Rock formations like these pique the interest of NASA, revealing more information about history Gale CraterThe rain that finds the rocks, that is the rain that finds the rocks, the cover.

As of November 2011, the diameter of the crater reached 96 miles from Mt 18,000 feet above the crater floor.

It is an opportunity to meet a beautiful exchange and a possible race, an opportunity to transform into a circular exchange.

The plume may appear brittle and ready to tip over, but they are strong enough to withstand Mars’ gravity, seen showing 62% less than Earth’s gravity.

NASA said the lake’s waters may have begun to see minerals at its bottom, widening it long ago to form more solid rock than what surrounds it.

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