Facebook stops making ‘portal headphones’ for consumers

In its lineup, a report from The Verge suggests that the Meta won’t make the smart speaker gateway to consumers anymore.

Alternatively, to report information, Meta Communications Products, which Etisalat Calls may need in the first place.

It is mentioned that the first Portal speaker – with two displays – was launched in 2018, and Facebook sold it mainly for video calls also supports apps like Spotify and can even play videos, however, for video calls, only their Facebook account can be used.

A report reveals and reveals its device plans, as investors were concerned about money spent on devices that didn’t really pay off, and Meta sells four devices, the future to consumers.

These include the Portal Plus, a 14-inch smart speaker with a display, Portal Go (an 8-inch smart speaker with a display, a 10-inch smart speaker with a display, and Portal TV – a camera that connects to the TV your video calls and more.

Amazon dominates the speaker market.

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