How do you do it.. How to turn on dark mode in Chrome browser

Dark mode, as the name suggests, turns the background back into a darker color and turns the colors you’re used to seeing on your screen, and if you spend a lot of time looking at screens, dark is better for your eyes, your eyes may get tired of staring at a bright screen, as it turns out, the display to light Blue causes irreversible damage to the eye over time, as well as a circadian state

Convert dark mode on PC

1. Go to the previous settings tab Sequential.

2. Click on the “Color” tab from the side of your screen.

3. Select the color preference for Dark.

4. After turning on dark mode on the desktop, it will automatically switch to dark mode.

Switch dark mode on mobile

1. Open the Chrome browser.

2. Click on the dots in the upper corner of the screen.

3. Go to settings.

4. Click on the topic.

5. Select “Dark theme”.

Battery life in cars with OLED screens can also be improved by focusing on the screen for mode and text reading, showing that dark mode for brighter cars is paradoxically. You will be able to better discern what is happening on the screen. Earlier than Bushra Bushra, which provides comprehensive illumination.

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