Telegram is preparing to launch a paid version of additional features

While WhatsApp is more popular in messaging, my luck, and Telegram has got a lot of software in the two years, it shows Telegram and some appear on WhatsApp as well, so far, Telegram is free.

It looks like a paid version of the app, with Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, confirming this development and explaining how the version works.

Why launch paid Telegram?

Postal procedures began

What is Telegram Premium?

The possibility of getting good service can be obtained in your own system.

What happens to ‘free’ Telegram users?

Current Features

Click Send a message the same way.

When will Telegram Premium be launched and how much will it cost?

The launch of the Telegram Premium subscription plan later this month, and as of now, Telegram has not revealed how much it will cost.

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